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Magnetic Ink Character Recognition ( MICR)

MICR ribbons are used to print security documents such as cheques, drafts and lottery tickets. The ribbons have a magnetisable code lines, so that they may subsequently be read and processed automatically through a clearing system. MICR encoded documents have the advantage that they can be overwritten with conventional non-magnetic inks or otherwise defaced, and still read and sort correctly. Special formulations are available to provide additional security features (Fluorescent and Indelible “bleed through”).

Typerite Ltd MICR ribbons are guaranteed to produce print quality in accordance with Magnetic Ink Character Recognition print standards specified under International Standard ISO 1004, when used on suitable cheque paper and properly adjusted encoding equipment. They meet or exceed all National encoding standards, and are used with confidence by Banks and Security Printers all over the world.
There are two MICR fonts in common use called E13B and CMC7.

Typerite can supply 2 formulations and the country/market dictates which is required. E13B and CMC7 require different ribbon formulations.

Click here for Magnetic Ink Character Recognition compatibility list.